IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to fire damage, New Italy Mountain Bike Park is closed until further notice.

New Trail at Duck Creek – Now Open! 

“Your Alba” – Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park’s newest trail. Styled on our old trail network in Uralba, which was shut down 8 years ago, sending us on the road to Duck Creek Mountain. A black trail, with a bit of spice, but it’s not all spice. This trail would not have happened without our trail building volunteers who sacrificed precious ride time to dig and create this trail over the last 12 months. 10 working bee’s and a few days in planning.

 Video copyright: James Flockton

Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels Mountain Bike Club (NRDW) is a not-for-profit community association, started by a passionate group of riders in 2012. We are now one of the largest and most active clubs on the North Coast of New South Wales.  We love having fun, are very social and welcome mountain bike riders of all disciplines and abilities.

We manage two local MTB facilities: New Italy Mountain Bike Forest  (Tabbimoble) and Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park (Alstonville).

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