Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park is a project of Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels Mountain Bike Club Inc. The Park is presently being constructed and is closed to the public. The park will contain approximately 8 kilometres of mountain bike specific cross country and all mountain style trails and a skills park. The trail network will include easy and very difficult trails. We expect the facility to be open in mid 2018.


The site is situated approximately 5 kilometres east of Alstonville on the northern side of the Bruxner Highway. The access driveway is approximately 500m west of Gap Road.


There are only four formalised car parking spaces available at the site.

There is no water or toilets available at this facility. Water and toilets are available in Alstonville which is approximately five kilometres to the west.

Camping is not permitted.

A trail map will be provided in the carparking area and can be downloaded from our site.

All trails will be sign posted.


The trail network has been designed for the exclusive enjoyment of mountain bike riders of a variety of abilities. Some trails will be more difficult than others. The network includes natural terrain, constructed technical features, obstacles, drop offs, bridges and steep land. The trail surface may change over time and make riding more difficult. Take care at all times and always ride within your ability.

  • Always wear an Australian Standard certified helmet and appropriate safety gear.
  • Ride only on the formed trails and do not take short cuts.
  • Some trails may be one-way and others are multi-directional (refer to trail bollards).
  • Stay off closed trails.
  • Always be in control of your bike and ride within your abilities.
  • Plan your ride and avoid riding alone.
  • Carry a first aid kit and know how to use the contents.
  • Do not ride in wet or muddy conditions as it causes trail damage.
  • Share the trail and be courteous to other riders.
  • Take your rubbish home with you.
  • Do not disturb plants or animals.
  • Construction of new trails and features must be approved by Northern Rivers Dirty Wheels Mountain Bike Club.


Access and egress of motor vehicles at the Duck Creek Mountain Bike Park has been identified by the Roads and Maritime Authority as an area of possible risk. In order to minimize risks associated with potentially unsafe vehicle movement, all visitors shall adhere to the following rules:

  • All motor vehicles shall enter and exit the site via a left-in and left-out only maneuver.
  • Right hand turns across the double lines are prohibited.
  • No more than 4 motor vehicles may access the site at any one time.

Please note that there are only four formalized parking spaces available within the site.