Goonengerry Ride July 2014

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Another awesome club social ride yesterday.

We were thrilled to have 28 riders arrive at the Goonengerry Public School yesterday afternoon ready to head off on an adventure.

As always we had a fantastic range of riders from those that ride regularly to a 14 year old who put many of us to shame and one rider who was on her first real MTB ride. Geoff and I really enjoy these social rides. It gives us a chance to ride with old friends, meet some new ones and share the experience with people who are just starting out.

It was a great sight as the riders all headed out from the school and up the road towards the National Park. Luckily, we were saved from having Geoff and I getting us lost as Matthias Merzenich put his hand up to lead the ride. Thanks again Matthias.

We found a little single track on the ride in and then headed up the hill on the firetrail. There were a few sticks on the trail (and by sticks I do actually means sticks, not the giant trees that were over the trail last time we were up there!!). Unfortunately, Rowan (the 14 year old) caught one in his rear derailleur which promptly broke the hanger bracket. Geoff and Richard (Rowan’s dad) got down to fixing it. Steve Scotcher also lent a hand. Johnny Lee and I were awesome as supervisors!! These guys were prepared with Rowan pulling out a spare hanger bracket from his saddle bag. With the slickness of an F1 pit crew the broken hanger bracket was soon replaced and we were on our way.

Up over the hill and we saw the remnants of the old free ride trail. Some fun little down hill and then we headed over to the waterfall. After taking in the amazing views, we were off again.

Soon we were back at the carpark and made the decision to head back out on the firetrail and do the back loop. This was a decision that I came to be a little ambivalent about. Perhaps due to the fact that on the last ride at Goonengerry we did more walking than riding, I had no recollection of the hills on that outside loop. I would love to say that it was gently undulating, but that would be a lie!! These are reasonably serious hills and my complete lack of riding came back to bite me. There may have been a little pushing and a lot of complaining!

Finally we were back at the carpark again and after a quick mostly downhill ride, we arrived back at the school. We rode about 20 km and I think we got back to the school at about 4:30pm.

Thanks to everyone that came along. Hope you had as much fun as I did.

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