Ride Report 5th September

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Here’s my ride report from the weekend. Sorry for the delay in getting this up. It was such a great weekend, I didn’t know where to start!

We were contacted a few weeks ago by the Tweed Valley Mountain Bike Riders as they were looking at doing a club weekend up at Mt Joyce and heard we knew of a place to camp. That was all the encouragement we needed. Next thing you know, the inaugural combined TVMBR/NRDW club weekend away was organised!!

The weekend’s festivities started with a ride at Mt Joyce on Saturday afternoon. Although we were never really certain, I think the rider count was 27 as we headed out of the carpark. The trips up the hill on Saturday arvo were done the hard way. After riding in to Secret Valley we started grinding up the hill. Celia had some issues with her calf so I offered to ride back down to Secret Valley with her and meet the others back down there. This may seem like a selfless offer. In reality I saw it as an opportunity to get out of at least one trip up the hill!!

We weren’t there long before Geoff, Cameron Ross and Cam’s friend, Tom, decided to join us. Tom had discovered that attempting to ride on little sleep and almost no food is not necessarily optimum! While we were getting sorted and offering Tom sound medical treatment (a handful of snacks), Chris Cook turned up. Leaving Tom and Celia to look after each other, Geoff, Cam, Chris and I headed up the hill to meet the others. Geoff had some strange idea that it wouldn’t take us long and that we should race to meet the others at the top for a run down Bovine Groove. Cam, Chris and I sensibly decided to let him take on that challenge while we would do a shorter ride and meet everyone else back at the Tunnel. The boys and I headed up to Tuna Chunks and off we went. Once you are on the single track the pain of the uphill goes away.

I understand that Frank Day had the first off of the weekend deciding to take on a drop sight unseen which did not end as he perhaps would have wanted. He was not the only person to come off over the course of the weekend!!

We regrouped at the Tunnel and rather than going all the way back down to Secret Valley decided to head back up and over to Black Rock. Let me tell you, it’s a long way to Black Rock!! However, we finally got there (not without some major whinging from me) and headed down. It really is a fun trail, nice and flowy with plenty of technical parts to keep it challenging.

Arriving back at Secret Valley we called it a day, not wanting to be too worn out for the next day. That was the excuse anyway. I’m pretty sure I was completely done and could not have made it up the hill again for love or money!

My parents had been nice (silly?) enough to agree to let us camp on their property again. We had a bit of a convoy back there from Mt Joyce. Always great to see a line of cars with bikes strapped to them heading along the road. We get there to find that Mum and Dad had arranged a spectacular sunset for us as well! Tents were erected, new swags were pulled out of their wrapping (Steve Scotcher) and a campfire was lit.

A quick scrub up and we headed off to the Dugandan Pub for dinner. I had booked for 25 people. Once we all arrived at Mum and Dad and I realised that there were 19 cars (many of which had multiple occupants) we quickly upped the booking. I didn’t do a count but I think there was about 30 of us for dinner. The Duggie never disappoints (actually, my fish was less than perfect but let’s not concentrate on that) and before too long we were all fed, watered and ready to head home.

I tucked myself into bed early, but I hear there was some sensational musical entertainment by Jed on his guitar and Alan on his ukuleles around the campfire.

Up early the next morning for bacon and eggs on the BBQ and before long it was time to head back to Mt Joyce to meet Brisbane Mountain Bike Shuttles who would be shuttling us up and down the hill for the day. A few people opted not to shuttle and to ride again (let’s just call them crazy!!). Most of us took the easy option. In the end we had about 26 people on the shuttle with the shuttle taking 10 riders each trip. Shuttles started at about 9 and finished at about 2. It worked out well. You usually got a bit of a rest before the shuttle was back down to collect you. I managed about 5 runs and I think that was about average. It really does give you the option to practice your skills on some of the more difficult runs without being exhausted from the ride up.

It was great to see a lot of people giving the black and even double black runs a crack, even if it was because they were blissfully followed me without realising what trail I was heading too, heh Merryn?!!

By 2pm I was ready to ride out to the car park and head home. I was a very tired girl by the time we got home.

Thanks so much for everyone that came along and made the weekend such a success. I have not tried to name everyone as I’m sure to miss someone. We had so much fun. I think it is a format that worked well and something that we should do again in the not too distant future.

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