Trial event at the Byron Bay Farmstay

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trail building

I thought I’d let you all know how the trial event went at the Byron Bay Farmstay yesterday.

Geoff spent a couple of days out at the Farmstay last week building a new bridge and opening up another 900m of trail through the grassy paddock. This meant we were able to hold the event over a 3.5 km loop. That doesn’t sound much, but I did a couple of loops on Saturday and I was hurting. (Of course, that may just be because of my distinct lack of fitness, but I’m going to blame the trail instead!). For those of you that know the Farmstay, the track took in Eagle Eye, Turkey Run on to the new run before cutting back on to Angry Ants, back on to Turkey run and back up the original down trail before turning back on to Eagle Eye.

After a few tense moments on Saturday night (Geoff had his finger on the trigger to call the race off when it started raining), we could not have asked for a more perfect day on Sunday.

We were absolutely thrilled to have 9 kids sign up for the kids event. We had another 10 guys and 1 girl for the adults event.

The most difficult part of the day for most people appeared to be nominating the average speed at which they thought they would complete the trail. In the end, it seems that I may have misled people with my suggestions with most people underestimating their speed considerably. Apparently I was not taking into account the red mist that seems to descend once people start racing!!!

With everyone signed up, we started the race a little late. Mostly because we still had people arriving after the intended start time. We sent the adults off to complete three laps with the kids starting immediately after them for their one lap.

The kids did amazingly well considering that some parts of the trail would be rated difficult. Most finished within 20 to 30 minutes with only one competitor pulling out because he was covered in farmers friends. We still haven’t figured out how he managed that given that he tells us he didn’t fall off.

The format is great as it gives everyone the chance of winning. The child who won (i.e. his average speed in the race was closest to his nominated speed) finished towards the back of the pack.

This was even more obvious in the adult’s race. The two guys that got flats came in first and second!! In terms of who was fastest, Ivan may have had home field advantage. He was still putting on his shoes as the race started, by the time they completed the first lap he was coming second and by the end of the second lap he was coming first. The male placings were as follows – Tyran Lechner (1st), Brendan Lewis (2nd) and Jan Safranek (3rd). For his trouble, we awarded Tyran a six pack!

Unfortunately, our female competitor, Karina Allwell, decided to get nice and cosy with a rock on the first lap and retired with a hurt wrist. We are waiting on confirmation as to whether it is broken. We still gave her a bottle of champion for best stack of the day!

After the race, the adults were beat and headed up for a sausage sizzle. The kids just kept riding and riding and riding. I only wish I had that much energy.

Thanks so much for everyone that helped out. Ange and Ivan for allowing us to hold the event at the Farmstay. Tom Leahy for his help marking out the track and doing the numbers. John Gray, John Gray’s friend (I can’t remember his name and he is a roadie so I’ve decided it doesn’t matter), James Flockton, Dave Oke, Jonas Rosberg for their help on the day with timing and marshaling.

Thanks to John Mashford for falling off right in front of the timing tent. The highlight of my day!!

Thanks to everyone that came along and to those of you that sent us an email wishing us well even though you couldn’t make it.

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